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Nanomate Grinding Wheels

Crystec is only responsible for grinding wheels for semicondutor applications.

Nanomate V-Heart

grinding wheel Nanomate

The Nanomate V-Heart has got a strong holding of diamond grit and high porosity vitrified Bond is shaped in a special way while the special shape of the diamond layer attains lower grinding force. This creates a new field of the grinding operation. Nanomate, which achieves a flatness less than 1m on 300 wafer, makes it possible to grind difficult, weak and brittle materials such as semiconductor material, electronic material and others.

Nanomate F-Star

grinding wheel

Super fine diamond grit and super fine ceramics broke down ready-made ideas of grinding wheels. Centralization of our acquired material technology and production technology has allowed super fine grinding. It shows effectiveness enough to reduce a grinding damaged layer of brittle material such as polish-reduction of 300mm silicon wafer and prevention from cracks on thin layer device wafer.

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