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Manufacturing of smart windows by LC glass technology.

Intelligent windows or smart windows or privacy windows or privacyy glass are architectural windows or glasses for buildings or glazings, which can be switched light or dark / opaque. For the production of such windows LC-Technology can be used. The windows are equipped with a liquid crystal display, which consists only of one pixel or few pixels. The whole window or part of it is therefore switched light or dark / opaque / milky. As with a real liquid crystal display (LCD), it is possible to adjust many different shades of gray or transparency and possibly also adjust color effects.
In comparion with electrochromatic glasses, LC glasses can be switched much fast and have a larger range between completely clear and completely dark or intransparent glass.

Manufacturing of smart windows is using conventional technology for LCD production. However, there is a significant difference: The smart window display consists of a single pixel and therefore does not require high resolution manufacturing technology, as it is necessary in the production of displays for mobile phones or TV sets. However, glasses for windows are quite often very large and relatively heavy and manufacturing facilities are becoming increasingly expensive with increasing glass size. The production of LC glasses must not be too expensive, in order to justify the use in buildings. Therefore just a simple LC technology is required for this application. Unfortunately, the "old", simple LC technology is just not available for large glasses.
Also in the past, there were a few applications existent for easy 1-pixel displays, e.g. automatically darkening welding helmets. In this case the glass size was relatively small.

Therefore, it is necessary to develop new manufacturing tools for smart windows, which use simple, old technologies for large glasses of different shape. For the production of smart windows these technologies are used:

For descriptions of the individual processes, please follow the links. Already today, we can offer through our partners in Japan and Korea such production systems, just (still) with some limitations.

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