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Altötting Area Description Germany

Neuoetting Crystec Technology Trading GmbH has been founded in Neuötting, a small town in the district of Altötting at the river Inn. Neuötting is an old town, mentioned first in 1231. It has been founded at this place, because the famous salt street was crossing the river here. The city center consists of a closed ring of houses (incl. the church St. Nikolaus) on the top of a hillBavaria. Originally there have been only two entrances to the old town through two town gates.

In August 2000 Crystec moved to the near by district town of Altötting. Altötting is a famous pilgrims place for catholic christians. The famous chapel on the chapels place has been build around 700 already. The town is only 15 km west of the Austrian border and it is possible to reach the Chiemsee with its famous castle Herrenchiemsee of King Ludwig II of Bavaria or Waginger See within 30 Min. and famous Königssee in the alps within less than one hour. Altötting is around 100km east of Munich, capital of Bavaria and around 80 km north-west of Salzburg. Our engineers can reach Munich Airport "Franz Josef Strauß" or also Salzburg airport within 1 hour. Munich Airport is the second biggest airport in Germany and provides many direct connections. Crystec engineers can reach customers within short time. Germany itself is located in the middle of Europe and most big towns can be reached within less than 2 hours from Munich airport.

A separate page describes the way to us.

Altötting Chapel's Place Altötting Chapel of Mercy
Altötting Chapel's Place Altötting Chapel of Mercy
Altötting Tilly Place Altötting City Hall
Altötting Tilly Place Altötting City Hall
Altötting Basilica Altötting Mill
Altötting Basilica Altötting Mill

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