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Crystec Technology Trading GmbH
Semiconductor Equipment

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Crystec Company Overview

The company of Crystec is a European trading company, specialized on the import of Japanese, Korean and Taiwanese machines. We can offer sales consulting and service assistance for this equipment. We can offer many different machines for the semiconductor, the LCD / display industry as well as for solar module manufacturing. Because of the product range of our main partners, we started some time ago also to distribute machines for metal work, mainly round and surface grinding machines as well as fitting grinding wheels and also steel hardening furnaces. Our main partners are listed below. However, we can offer for many applications equipment from several sources. We can offer high quality tools as well as machines for a really attractive price.

Crystec has been established in December 1994, mainly as a representation of Koyo Thermo Systems, Tenri, Nara. Koyo Thermo Systems had no European representation before this date and Crystec started building the business in Europe for them. Koyo Thermo Systems is a furnace manufacturer for semiconductor, LCD/PDP, electronic and industrial furnaces. In the beginning Crystec concentrated on the semiconductor industry and meanwhile Crystec has several big customers in Europe.


Equipment for the Semiconductor Industry

Koyo Thermo Systems Logo

Koyo Thermo Systems Co., Ltd.
Semiconductor Furnaces, Conveyer Furnaces

Later on, some more business relations could be started: Crystec Technology Trading GmbH represents also the sister company Koyo Machine Industries, Yao, Japan, a manufacturer of grinding machines. Also in this case Crystec concentrated first on the semiconductor products.

Koyo Machine Industries Logo

Koyo Machine Industries Co., Ltd.
Semiconductor Wafer Grinding Machines

Partners from Korea could be won for a collaboration. The rapid development of the Korean semiconductor industry, high quality machines, combined with low labor costs is creating favorable conditions for the marketing in Europe.

Global Zeus Logo

Global ZEUS
Manufacturers of wet cleaning equipment and etching bathes, including automation.

SemiAn, Korea is producing exhaust gas cleaning equipment that can be used e.g. for LPCVD furnaces.

SemiAn Technology Logo

SemiAn Technology Co., Ltd.
Detoxifier, Exhaust gas cleaning equipment

Also, Crystec Technology Trading GmbH added some more representations of companies, producing products around furnaces. The company Stange, Germany is producing advanced controllers and software, to be used for furnace control. In cooperation with Iwatani International the products of TKR, a subsidiary of Mitsui Mining, Osaka, Japan are sold in Europe. The company produces refractories and trays for furnaces.

Stange Logo

Stange Elektronik GmbH
Program controller to control processes and control software for backup.

TKR Logo

Mitsui Mining, TKR Division
Refractories, Trays

A cooperation could be started with the company of Alpsitec in Grenoble on the field of CMP chemical mechanical polishing. Potential customers are mainly research institutes and universities in middle and northern Europe.

Alpsitec Logo

CMP Anlagen

Equipment for the photovoltaic industry

Manufacturers which produce equipment for the semiconductor industry are quite often also active in the photovoltaic field and can offer equipment for manufacturing solar cells (see above). Crystec cooperates with several Korean manufacturers which can offer complete production lines for manufacturing solar modules. These companies can also offer production capacity for production of solar modules (foundry).

Global ZEUS Logo

Global ZEUS
Solar module manufacturing and factory automation.

Equipment for the LCD Industry

Another product range followed up by Crystec Technology Trading GmbH is equipment for manufacturing of flat panel displays. This market is very small in Europe. Companies represented by Crystec with products for this business area are Koyo Thermo Systems for furnaces, Joyo Engineering, Japan, for various equipment, and SenLights for UV lamps and UV curing machines. Especially in this field we have excellent relations with various manufacturers, which we can contact when necessary. Therefore, we can offer almost all machines, necessary for manufacturing of LCDs.

Koyo Thermo Systems Logo

Koyo Thermo Systems Co., Ltd.
Thermal LCD process equipment

Joyo Logo

Joyo Engineering Co., Ltd.
LCD Manufacturing Equipment. System Integration.

SEN Lights Logo

SEN Lights Corporation, Ltd.
UV lamps, illumination and surface cleaning equipment.

Equipment for the Automotive Industrie

Business could be expanded finally also to the automotive and metal processing industry, because Koyo Thermo Systems as well as Koyo Machine Industries produce also a large number of machines for those customers.

Koyo Thermo Systems Logo

Koyo Thermo Systems Co., Ltd.
Industrial Furnaces

Koyo Machine Industries Logo

Koyo Machine Industries Co., Ltd.
Centerless and surface grinding machines


Dr. Ralph Lüdicke

The founder and president of Crystec Technology Trading GmbH, Dr. Ralph Luedicke studied Chemistry in Munich and got a degree from Ludwig Maximilians University. He made his PhD at Wacker Chemitronic GmbH, Burghausen (now Wacker Siltronic AG) in close space chemical vapor depositing of single crystalline Germanium before he started selling semiconductor equipment, mainly for US companies in Europe.

End of 1994 he founded Crystec which was running very successfully from the first year on. Crystec is active worldwide but concentrates mainly on Europe.

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