Company overview.

Company overview
Crystec Technology Trading GmbH

Company Overview

Crystec is a European trading company that has specialized in the import of machines from Japan, Korea, China and Taiwan. We offer sales advice and service support for these systems across Europe.
Many machines for semiconductor production, the production of LCDs or liquid crystal displays, the production of fuel cells and solar cells, industrial ovens, gas generators and oven accessories for corresponding systems can be supplied. Due to the existing product range of our partners, we have for some time now also expanded our sales range to include metalworking machines, especially ovens for the thermal treatment and hardening of steel parts.
Our most important partners are listed under the relevant sections below. We can also offer a many machines from other manufacturers for the described applications. In Korea in particular, we have an extensive network of partners for high-tech systems, not all of which are listed on our website. We can procure very high quality as well as very inexpensive systems and parts for you.

Crystec was founded in December 1994 as a representation of Koyo Thermo Systems, Tenri, Nara. Before that, Koyo Thermo Systems had no representation in Europe and Crystec started developing the activities of this company. Crystec initially concentrated on the semiconductor industry and expanded its range to include many other machines for the solar industry - production of LCD screens - production of fuel cells - industrial furnaces for the heat treatment of steel, ceramic and glass and gas technology. With the two locations in Altötting and Nister-Möhrendorf in Germany, a large number of customers in Europe have now been won.

Sectors and partners

Semiconductor Manufacturing

Systems for the semiconductor industry and especially ovens and RTP systems are still our core business. Our most important partner in this area is Koyo Thermo Systems, Japan. Nowadays, Koyo mainly manufactures vertical ovens for all common processes, but still also horizontal ovens and box ovens of all kinds. Specialties are systems for low-temperature processes from 120°C, such as polyimide cure or copper annealing, as well as high-temperature systems up to 1800°C for the processing of SiC wafers . Versions for research and development are also available, which have the same performance as the production systems, but are more compact and flexible.

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We can offer process automation, including loading robots AGVs (automated guided vehicles), OHT (overhead transportation) systems and cassette stockers through our partners Castec and Daesung.

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Castec AGV

LCD Manufacturing

A large number of systems are required for the production of LCDs and OLEDs, almost all of which we can offer. These include screen printing machines, rubbing machines, spacer spray systems, ODF (one drop filling) machines, vacuum assembly machines, laminating systems, hot presses and autoclaves, tempering ovens, cleaning systems, scribe and breaking machines as well as bonders. We have many partners in Korea and Japan who manufacture such systems. In Europe, where most of our customers are based, not many companies are active in manufacturing LCDs and OLEDs. However, there are many special applications that require similar manufacturing machines. LCD-like applications such as Smart Windows and DSSC solar cells are of particular interest. Similar systems can also be used for fuel cell applications.

LCD Partner

Fuel Cell Manufacturing

Laminating technology from the LCD sector can be used for the production of fuel cells. The use of hydrogen generators that extract hydrogen from ammonia (ammonia crackers) is also very interesting. Such systems are offered by furnace manufacturers such as Koyo.


Ammoniak Cracker

Gas technology

Gas technology includes gas generators such as hydrogen generators, PSA-nitrogen generators, membrane-nitrogen generators, PSA-oxygen generators, endogas generators, exogas generators and methanol crackers. The area of gas technology also includes humidifiers and condensers. We can offer a PSA-based system for the purification of forming gas, as well.

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O2 Sensor

In addition to gas generators, we can also offer exhaust gas cleaning systems from Semian. These are mainly used for cleaning exhaust gases in the semiconductor industry. Finally, we can also offer various gas sensors and gas measuring devices for hydrogen and oxygen.

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Abgas Wäscher

Industrial furnaces

We also have several partners from Japan, Korea and Taiwan in the industrial furnace sector, some of whom specialize in very special applications. In addition to furnaces for tempering, hardening and quenching, carbonizing and tempering, washing and product conveying systems are also offered, as well as the associated gas technology. The products to be treated range from powder to bulk material to large and heavy individual parts. Conveyor belts are often used for transport through the furnace. Rotary kilns are also offered for bulk goods.



Solar cell Manufacturing

Many processes are used in the solar industry that are also used in the semiconductor sector. In the furnace area, more economical horizontal furnaces are used for doping wafers. These systems are offered by Koyo Thermo Systems. Systems for the assembly of solar cells and the production of solar panels can be offered through our partner Zeus, Korea.

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Furnace accessories

Finally, we also offer accessories for our ovens, such as heating elements, insulating plates, ceramic plates that serve as product carriers or oven controls from our partner Stange Elektronik. Unfortunately, it is not possible to name all products and partners during this brief company presentation. Please just ask us - we will try to fulfill your wishes.

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The founder and president of Crystec Technology Trading GmbH, Dr. Ralph Luedicke studied Chemistry in Munich and got a degree from Ludwig Maximilians University. He made his PhD at Wacker Chemitronic GmbH, Burghausen (now Wacker Siltronic AG) in close space chemical vapor depositing of single crystalline Germanium before he started selling semiconductor equipment, mainly for US companies in Europe. End of 1994 he founded Crystec which was running very successfully from the first year on. Crystec is active worldwide but concentrates mainly on Europe.

Dr. Ralph Lüdicke