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Crystec Technology Trading GmbH
Equipment for Semiconductor and LCD Manufacturing and Metal Working

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Crystec Technology Trading GmbH is a European trading company, selling semiconductor equipment, solar equipment, LCD equipment, metal work and automotive equipment, furnaces, grinding machines and accessories.
For most manufacturing processes described below, we can offer beside the products of our main partners also equipment from other manufacturers. Please ask us!

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Crystec Crystec Technology Trading GmbH

  1. Company Overview. History and description of the company.
  2. Legal Notice and Privacy Policy. Contacting Crystec. Address, Phone, Fax, etc.
  3. Area description. The company is located in Altötting, Germany.
  4. Job opportunities. Vacancies at Crystec.

Semiconductor Semiconductor Equipment

Crystec Furnace Technology

Crystec Lithography: Mask Aligner

Crystec Wet Etching Equipment

Crystec Copper Metallization

Crystec CMP equipment

Crystec Plasma processing

Crystec Exhaust Gas Cleaning Systems

Crystec Silicon Wafer Grinding Machines

Crystec Factory Automation


Solar Equipment for the solar industry

Crystec Thermal processes.

Crystec Plasma Layer Deposition.


LCD Equipment for Flat Panel Display Production

Crystec LCD Manufacturing Processes.


Automotive Equipment for the Metal Work

Crystec Steal Hardening and Annealing of Steal, Ceramics and Glass

CrystecGrinding Technology

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