Machines d'assemblage des dalles de verre et hot press pour la production des LCDs

Équipement de Fabrication LCD
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Machine d'assemblage et presse chaude.

The assembly process involves a dispenser or a screen printer, a spacer spray machine, the assembly machine and a hot press machine as well as final cure oven.

In order to prepare the assembly of the panel, on one glass plate a seal has to be dispensed or printed by screen printing. Some wholes are left open in the sealing in order to allow later filling of the display with liquid crystal liquid. A pre-cure step is required, using a clean oven. On the second glass plate the spacers are sprayed using a spacer spray machine.
Assembly Machine
Shindo Eng. Lab. Assembly Machine
In the assembly machine, the two glass plates have to be put together. On the lower glass plates dots of UV hardening polymer are dispensed. The upper glass plate has to be turned over, orientated versus the lower glass plate, using marks on both glass plates and a proper pattern recognition system. Then both glass plates are pressed together and UV lamps harden the polymer spots in order to fix the position of the two glass plates for some time.
Hot Press
Assembly Machine (Joyo Engineeing)
After the mounting of the two glass plates and the formation of a panel in the assembly machine, the sealing has to be hardened. This happens in a so called hot press machine. The panels are in a first step carefully evacuated. During evacuation the normal air pressure from outside will press the two glass plates already together and air is taken out of the cells. This is helpful in order to avoid a damage of the seal during hot press process. The compression stays for a few minutes after purge. Then the main hot press follows in two steps. A hot press unit always consists therefore of two presses. The first step works with little bit lower temperature and pressure than the second step. The panels are transported to the presses by a carbon fibre belt who stays in the press during the process and ensures a good pressure uniformity on the panels.
Depending on the required throughput a hot press consists of several hot press units. The market share is estimated to be around 95% for treatment of larger displays (>G3,5). We can also recommend proper sealant material to the customers. During the hot press process the seal gets 90% polymerised. The final polymerisation takes little bit longer is done is a clean oven.
Manuel versions for research and development are available for assembly machines as well as for hot press machines.

Manuel versions for research and development (Joyo Engineeing)

Assembly Manual
Manuelle Montagemaschine

Hot Press
Manuelle Heißpresse