ODF Technology (one drop filling) for integrated filling of LCDs with liquid crystals under vacuum conditions.

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For small cells, the filling of displays with liquid crystals is done by sucking the liquid crystals into the cell after evacuation of the cell. For large LCDs this methode is too slow and a new technology for integrated filling of LCDs in a vacuum assembly machine has been developed. This technology is called one drop filling ODF-Technology, because the exact volume of liquid crystals which is necessary to fill the cell is dispensed on the lower glass plate before cell assembly is done. This methode requires extremely precise dispensing technology because too much liquid would cause an overflow of the cell during assembly and pressing, while too less liquid would create bubbles in the LCD. Vaccum assembly is necessary in order to avoid gas bubble inclosure.

ODF one drop filling

Nowadays the assembly procedure is followed by another process step: Smallest bubbles are removed in an autoclave. The micro bubbles are not visible directly after the ODF process, but visible bubbles can be formed after some time. Using an autoclave can ensure, that no visible bubbles will be formed later.

Autoclave for LCD manufacturing

Shindo Autoclave

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