Photovoltaic solar module manufacturing.
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Photovoltaic solar module manufacturing

A photovoltaic solar module is a set of electrically connected solar cells. Its purpose is the generation of electric current. Solar cells can be manufactured from different materials. Mostly mono-crystalline or poly-crystalline silicon is used. For thin film solar cells, thin semiconductor layers are deposited on an inert substrate, mainly glass. For the manufacturing of solar cells various equipment is necessary.
Quite often, single solar cells do not produce enough electrical power. Therefore many PV cells are combined in so called photovoltaic solar modules and weather proof mounted between glass plates. This assembly can be done inline and fully automatic. The manufacturing process consists of several steps:

tabbing and stringing    
Tabbing and stringing solar cell string
Pfeil Layup and bussing
Solarzellenfeld Layup on the glass and interconnecting, bussing
Electric Inspection Pfeil
Electric inspection voltage current characteristic
Pfeil EVA sheet and back sheet loading
  EVA sheet and back sheet loading
Laminator Pfeil
Laminating equipment  
Pfeil Module framing
  Edge taping and module framing
Module packing Pfeil
Testing and Packing  

We can offer you turn-key solar module assembly lines in a variety of different capacities.

Due to the modular design the layout is flexible, within limits. After a successful start with the smallest size, 30 MW, it is easy to expand to 50 MW or 100 MW, or even bigger.

Example of a 80MW Solar Module Assembly Plant


1. tabbing & stringing 5. matrix system 10. 2nd EVA sheet feeder 15. loading C/V 20. NG conveyor 25. EL inspection
2. layup system 6. glass loader 11. back sheet feeder 16. laminator 21. edge trimmer 26. J-box attachment
3. bus ribbon loading & 7. 1st EVA sheet feeder 12. lead out system 17. unloading C/V 22. cooling buffer 27. simulator
3. cell taping system 8. in conveyor 13. EL inspection 18. in line buffer 23. edge taping 28. module unloading
4. auto bussing system 9. in line buffer 14. NG C/V 19. visual inspection 24. framer 29. ultra sonic cleaner

Our engineers will be happy to cooperate with you to match the line to your building. Please contact us, in order to discuss further details.

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