Manufacturing of solar cells and modules or panels. Planning and construction of a factory.

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Manufacturing of solar cells and modules.

Planning and construction of a factory.

A photovoltaic (PV) solar module or solar panel is a set of electrically connected solar cells. Its purpose is the generation of electric current. Solar cells can be manufactured from different materials. Mostly mono-crystalline or poly-crystalline silicon is used. For thin film solar cells, thin semiconductor layers are deposited on an inert substrate, mainly glass.

The establishment of a manufacturing line for solar cells and/or solar moduls can be organized in steps:

Solar Cells
Solar Moduls
You Arrow Arrow Solar Farm
Factory for manufacturing solar cells, modules, panels Arrow Solar Cell Arrow Solar Modul or Panel Arrow Solar Farm
Manufacturer Solar Cell
Solar Modul
Final Customer
Arrow Arrow
Equipment Equipment

The advantage of this procedure is obvious:

Planning of activities; Preparation of a business plan.

In a first step, the following items have to be clarified:

  1. What type of experience has the customer already with solar cell and module manufacturing?
  2. Which type of solar cells should be manufactured?
  3. How large is the project budget and which factory capacity should be achieved?
  4. In which steps should the production be organized (mile stones)?
  5. How can the project be financed?

After that the real planning can be started. It is necessary to do it in several steps:

  1. Project Feasibility Phase
  2. Pre-implementation, Module qualification, Approved Vendor List or BOM
  3. Implementation, delivery and installation (turnkey contract base).

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