Equipment for wet etching and cleaning of semiconductor or silicon wafers.
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Wet etching

Wet etching or cleaning of silicon or semiconductor wafers can be done in an immersion bath, by a spray etcher or utilizing spin-on technology. It is an alternative to plasma etching or dry etching. This technology can be used for etching oxide, nitride, silicon, other layers or to remove (strip) photo resist. In an immersion bath, the wafers will be etched or cleaned in a circulated bath to ensure that the chemical near the wafer surface is continuously refreshed. This used to be done in plastic cassetes, nowadays carrier-less is preferred. Sometimes etching and the penetration of small structure is enhance by using mega-sonic emitters in the tank. Spray etcher or spin-on etcher facilitate a permanent exchange of the etching solution and are therefore able to perform very effective and uniform etching and cleaning. Also here the chemicals can be circulated in order to reduce material consumption. The spin-on technology allows higher flow rates and etch rates - however the technology is little bit more complex.
Wet etching is cost efficient and can easily be used for mass production. Etching speed and selectivity is rather high. It is however quite often isotropic, etching in all directions. Automation is the standard due to better cleanliness, safety and repeatability.
The wafers will be etched acidic or caustic, then rinsed with de-ionized water and finally dried. For drying several methods can be used: displacement of water by solvents, spin-drying, gas purging, heating, having the water film drawn off or combination thereof. The IPA-drying is very popular today. It uses a film of IsoPropylic Alcohol to draw water and particles off the wafers. Sometimes in an atmosphere of warm nitrogen. This page gives you an overview and comparison about available equipment and technology.

Equipment for wet etching and cleaning of semiconductor wafers.

For etching semiconductor layers, cleaning of semiconductor wafers and removing photo resist, various types of equipment can be used. There is high throughput equipment in whitch the wafers are processed in lots (typically 24-50 wafers/lot) and the slower single wafer treatment for special requirements. We offer machines for immersion, spray and spin-on treatment. The etching and cleaning effect can be improved by mechanic action, e.g. using brushes. Our range of equipment also includes system for wafer drying, integrated or stand alone versions.

wet etcher
Various Zeus/JET equipment for wet etching

Single wafer systems can combine several processing chambers,which process several chemicals. Batch etching systems can be designed for real high throughput with automatic tank to tank transport.

wet etching of silicon wafers       high throughput batch etcher

We can configure a system for you, that fulfills all your expectations.

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