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Grinding Wheels and Regulation wheels

The company of Kinik is a large, stock listed company in Taiwan with more than 1500 employees. Kinik produces already since 1964 many kinds of grinding wheels and is located in the center of the ceramic industry in Yingge, near Taipeh. We can offer to you many different versions of grinding and regulation wheels for various grinding technologies.

grinding wheel and regulating wheel for centerless round grinding grinding wheel for cylindrical grinding machine grinding wheel for internal grinding machine grinding wheel for surface grinding machines
centerless grinding cylindrical grinding internal grinding surface grinding

For several special grinding applications, we can offer special grinding wheels, designed especially for this application and for the special grinding machines, designed for this application.

grinding wheel for gear grinding machines grinding wheels for valves and valve seats grinding wheels for cams and camshafts grinding wheels for crankshaft grinding machines
gear valve cam crankshaft

We can offer to you various types of grinding wheels from Kinik, Taiwan. Please give us your grinding wheel specs so that we can work out a proposal for you.

Crystec Technology Trading GmbH will be pleased to further discuss details with you.
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