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Glass tempering furnace, furnaces.

Glass has many applications such as construction, electronics, optics, as armored security glass in the automotive, aerospace industry, for photovoltaic solar glass but also in art. Nowadays glass is found in almost all areas.

No matter where you need the glass it uses some key ingredients such as silica sand, the most important element, dry lime or dolomite powder, without these elements, the glass would not be stable, sulphate powder, the element that avoids the forming of bubbles and soda ash to lower melting point. All these ingredients are heated in the furnace at 1600° C till the glass melts.

Then it is brought into the desired shape by various other processes.

To reduce tension and make the glass shatterproof glass must be tempered. JTEKT Thermo Systems (previously Koyo Thermo Systems) from Japan, a Toyota Motors Group company is one of the largest furnace manufacturers worldwide and provides among others furnaces for glass tempering. The experience in the field of glass tempering and the high quality of the equipments has made Koyo Thermo Systems one of the most important suppliers established in this production field.

JTEKT offers various types of furnaces in batch type or continuous type; finally, the furnaces are adapted to customer requirements.

The RH oven or "Roller Hearth type furnace" is an especially designed continuous furnace; the furnace can be adapted to customer requirements.

For a smooth contact with the glass, ceramic rollers with more than 99.5% SiO2 content are used.

The oven is equipped with a glass muffle. The glass muffle prevents the contamination of the substrates.

With the furnace, following glass sizes can be processed W300 x L300 x ~ W2800 L1900.

Roller hearth furnaces

Roller hearth furnaces have been designed to anneal large and heavy plasma display panels. The transport inside this clean, horizontal, continuous furnace is done by stainless steel rods. In order to avoid metallic contamination, ceramic tubes, made of pure alumina are installed over these steel rods. This combination turned out to be the best in order to achieve both, high throughput and high yield. Two layers of panels can be processed at the same time, mounted on top of each other by a special spacer system. All roller hearths are driven by a special chain transmission system that avoids slip during the transport of the panels. The furnace itself consists of a special glass muffle and far IR MoldathermTM heaters. An advanced temperature control system ensures a temperature uniformity of less than 1 °C within a large size glass panel.


JTEKT Thermo Systems and Crystec will be pleased to engineer a cost effective system to satisfy your most demanding and exacting requirements.