Four diffusion horizontal pour l'industrie semiconducteur

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JTEKT Thermo Systems Fours Horizontaux

JTEKT Thermo Systems (previously Koyo Thermo Systems) manufactures numerous versions of horizontal furnaces with full automation or manual loading. Smaller versions for pilot and laboratory applications are available.

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These furnaces are known under various different names: Horizontal, diffusion, tube, doping, semiconductor, oxidation furnace, furnaces. They are available for almost all thermal processes used in the semiconductor production technology like diffusion, oxidation, LPCVD ( nitride, poly-silicon, TEOS ) as well as solar cell doping by phosphorus oxychloride POCl3.
Special versions for low temperature applications, e.g. for polyimide baking, copper anneal, low-k anneal, SOG or hydrogen anneal are specialities of JTEKT Thermo Systems.



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vertical tube furnace VF1000 Are you looking for a horizontal furnace, just because it is much cheaper than a vertical one? Do you have a small throughput and would you like to run small batches? Are you interested in a super performance? JTEKT Thermo Systems developed a vertical furnace just for you! Please have a look at JTEKT Thermo Systems's new VF1000 furnace!

This new furnace is a small vertical furnace with full performance, especially designed for pilot lines and laboratories. It is a mini-batch version for 25 production wafer load. It is available for all wafer diameters 3" - 12". Manual loading of wafers keeps the costs down and guarantees a high degree of flexibility. Small dimensions also help reducing costs for the user. Automatic elevator and programmable controller are used to achieve high process performance. VF1000 furnaces are available for all processes and show the same performance as the big versions VF5100 and VF5300. Like the big versions, VF1000 furnaces are equipped with patented JTEKT Thermo Systems LGO heating elements. The available temperature range is 140°C to 1250°C.

You can see and evaluate these furnaces in Uppsala at the Ångström Laboratory of the University which works together with JTEKT as an application center for VF1000 vertical furnaces. On special request we can arrange for you also a visit at Southampton University in order to show these furnaces.

Please follow this link in order to find a comparison of advantages and disadvantages of vertical and horizontal furnaces!

inline diffusion furnace for continous POCl3 doping of solar cells. Mainly for doping of solar cells with phosphorousoxychloride POCl3 JTEKT developed recently an in-line horizontal furnace, which can be used also in the semiconductor industry and for other semiconductor processes, as long as the process time does not get too long. The wafers are carried through the tube on quartz cars with a load of 100 wafers each. Gas curtains at both ends of the tube separate the process room from the environment.
The advantages of such a design are obvious: Two tubes installed beside each other allow simple automation. The footprint gets lower because there is no need for a conventional loading station. Throughput is increase much, because there is no time loss for loading or unloading wafers. The furnace is saving energy, because there are no heating and cooling cycles. There are also no thermic losses by the move out of a transportation conveyor band, because such a band is not installed. The gas consumption is lower, because no purge cycles are necessary. By the more simple configuration of the system, price is also reduced.

JTEKT Thermo Systems et Crystec sont prêts à étudier pour vous, le système qui répondra à vos exigences en présentant le meilleur rapport qualité / prix.