Methanol CH3OH cracking gas. Protection gas for the thermal treatment of steel.

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Methanol cracker

Beside endothermic gas or endo gas, more and more methanol is used for the thermal treatment of metals as a protective gas. The methanol is directly insirted into the furnace and cracked there.
        CH3OH  →  CO  +  2 H2
Carbon monoxid and hydrogen are formed. The methanol cracking gas is an excellent carrier gas.
Hydrogen and carbon monoxide are reducing agents and avoid oxidation or corrosion of metal surfaces in a furnace. It has to be taken into account however, that carbon monoxid increases the carbon content of steel. Methanol cracking gas can therefore be used for surface hardening of steel by carbonisation or carburization. Carbon concentration can be increased up to the saturation level of austenite in surface close areas (around 1mm deep). In order to control the carbonization, water vapour can be added or nitrogen can be used for dilution.
Koyo is a famous manufacturer of industrial furnace and has therefore much experience with design and adaption of methanol cracking.

Steel tempering furnace with methanol cracker


  • Carbonisation, Carbonization, Carburization, Carburisation
  • Sintering
  • Annealing of steel with high carbon content
  • Normalizing


  • Methanol is more expensive compared to Methane, however total costs for methanol cracking is lower.
  • Lower investment costs.
  • Less energy consumption.
  • Less maintenance.

Stahltemperofen mit Methanolspalter

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