heating elements

JTEKT Thermo Systems is represented in Europe by
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Electrical high temperature heating elements Moldatherm®

JTEKT Thermo Systems (previously Koyo Thermo Systems) produces different kinds of heating elements, which have a very low thermal mass, caused by their type of construction. A rather thin resistance heating wire is molded directly into a special ceramic material, following a patented process. The ceramic material also serves as an insulator.

Heater designHeater design

Two types of Moldatherm® heaters are available. The plain type is used in JTEKT Thermo Systems conveyor furnaces. It can be used also individually by the customer for the construction of special furnaces or furnace chambers or heating areas. The half cylinder type of the Moldatherm heating elements can be used by customers to design high temperature heating mantles for tubes. A tube-like heating element is used by JTEKT Thermo Systems in a special setup for the production of tube heaters for semiconductor tube furnaces. These special LGO heating elements for semiconductor furnaces, tube furnaces and diffusion furnaces are described on a separate page, called "LGO heating elements".

This heating elements can be used for temperatures between 140°C and 1200°C.

Please note that the heating elements can only be offered as spare parts for existing customers