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JTEKT Thermo Systems Products

JTEKT Thermo Systems (previously Koyo Thermo Systems) manufactures all types of horizontal and vertical furnaces, cluster tools, heating elements, RTP equipment, FPD processing equipment, liquid phase epitaxy systems, convener and industrial furnaces.

Vertical Furnaces

JTEKT Thermo Systems manufactures numerous versions of vertical furnaces with full automation or manual loading for semiconductor applications. Smaller versions for pilot and laboratory applications are available. Special versions for low temperature applications, e.g. for poly-imide baking, SOG or hydrogen anneal are specialties of JTEKT Thermo Systems.


Horizontal Furnaces

JTEKT Thermo Systems still manufactures numerous versions of horizontal furnaces with full automation or manual loading, although the use of this equipment becomes less frequent in modern semiconductor factories. Today vertical furnaces are state of the art and even R&D facilities change more and more to this type of furnace. Just for solar applications, horizontal furnaces are still common. Smaller versions of horizontal furnaces for pilot and laboratory applications are available.
Special versions for low temperature applications, e.g. for poly-imide baking, SOG or hydrogen anneal are specialties of JTEKT Thermo Systems.


Rapid Thermal Processing

JTEKT Thermo Systems RTP furnaces (RLA-xxxx) offer a unique lamp arrangement with upper and lower cross lamp arrays. A patented temperature distribution tool provides outstanding and unparalleled temperature uniformity resulting in process repeatability and minimization of slip line propagation.

RTP Anlage

Clean Ovens and Laboratory Furnaces

A separate division of JTEKT Thermo Systems produces all types of ovens and furnaces for laboratory applications. These ovens and furnaces can be customized to meet total customer requirements.

Reinofen CLH

FPD Processing Equipment

JTEKT Thermo Systems is the leader in heat treatment and processing of LCDs. Main processes are glass plate anneal, seal pre cure, seal main cure, phosphor anneal, poly-imide cure.

LCD Ofen

Conveyor Furnaces

JTEKT Thermo Systems is producing a wide range of conveyor furnaces for many applications like firing of thick films, firing of condenser electrodes, firing of thermal heads, all types of sealing and annealing and drying, soldering, brazing, re-flow, and resin curing.


Industrial Furnaces

JTEKT Thermo Systems produces many kinds of furnaces, kilns and ovens for the automotive and construction industry. Several applications like carbonitriding, carborizing, hardening, nitriding, annealing, quenching, sintering and brazing are available. Loading of the furnaces can be done from the side, the front or the bottom. Various process gases and vacuum capability can be included.


Ceramic Furnaces

JTEKT Thermo Systems is producing different types of furnaces for applications in the ceramic industry like drying, debinding, continuous firing and sintering. JTEKT Thermo Systems has a lot of experience in this field and for de-binding and firing applications, JTEKT Thermo Systems is the market leader in Japan. We can show a long reference list to you on request.


Liquid Phase Epitaxy Equipment

JTEKT Thermo Systems produces equipment for liquid phase epitaxy, based either on a horizontal furnace or on a vertical furnace. The heating of the growth chamber is achieved by LGO heating elements. The chamber can be evacuated and an inert gas or hydrogen gas atmosphere can be established. Special sealed feed-through allow the movement of the samples or of the semiconductor melts in the chamber.

Flüssigphasenepitaxie Anlage

Ammonia Cracker

The JTEKT Thermo Systems NH3-Cracker "AM" is used for the production of forming gas. Hydrogen and Nitrogen are generated in a cost effective way in a volume ratio of 3 : 1 or in a weight ratio of 14 : 3. Capacities from 5m3/h to 60m3/h are available. The forming gas is used in conveyor furnaces and in tube furnaces for anneal processes in a reducing atmosphere, brazing, sintering, de-oxidation, and nitridation.


LGO Heating Elements

Patented LGO heating elements have a thermal mass that is <50% of equivalent industry heating elements. LGO heaters have superior temperature uniformity, offer much faster temperature ramping than standard industry heating elements and offer superior control at low temperatures. Durability and extended lifetime are key features.

LGO Heizelement

Moldatherm Heating Elements

JTEKT Thermo Systems produces different kinds of heating elements. The plain type is used in JTEKT Thermo Systems conveyor furnaces. It can be used also individually by the customer for the construction of special furnaces or furnace chambers or heating areas. The half cylinder type of the Moldatherm heating elements can be used by customers to design high temperature heating mantles for tubes. This heating elements can be used for temperatures between 140°C and 1250°C.


JTEKT Thermo Systems and Crystec will be pleased to engineer a cost effective system to satisfy your most demanding and exacting requirements.