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Grinding Machines

A grinding machine is used for profiling, shaping and planarization of surfaces and for attainment of exact dimensions of various work pieces. Many different materials like metals, ceramic, glass, polymers, semiconductors, etc. can be machined. Grinding machines are cutting tools, shearing small pieces of material from the stock. Advantages in comparison with other planarization methods are high precision and reproducibility as well as low roughness of the finished surface.
In contradiction to lapping, where free floating abrasive grit is used, grinding uses grinding wheels in which the grains are fixed by a so called binders. The binder can be resin, ceramic, vitrified or metal and determines the hardness of the grinding wheel. The grinding grain consists of a hard, abrasive material like corundum (aluminium oxide Al2O3), silicon carbide SiC, cubic boron nitride cBN or diamond. The size of those grinding grains determines the abrasive rate and the evenness attainable for the work piece. While grinding, grinding grains are worn out, damaged or broken out at the surface. Therefore; the grinding wheel has to be dressed and trued regularly in order to keep its shape and cutting ability. This is done by a dressing unit which consists of aluminum oxide or diamond. Koyo also offers special electrical discharge truing systems e-dt.
Lubricants or coolants are used for heat removal and decreasing friction between grinding wheel and work piece by greasing. Along the way; swarf is removed and the work piece is protected from corrosion. Nowadays; hydrous emulsions, which are conditioned and recycled in filter systems (grinding machine option), are used. Sometimes customers still use grinding oil for special grinding applications.
Important for grinding machine specification is therefore:

Koyo Machinery provides precision turnkey, centerless, surface, and special-purpose grinding solutions to manufacturers of automotive and powertrain components, bearings, and special pumps, as well as tools, ceramics, medical, and aerospace equipment. Many of these machine tools include full part automation and automated gauging.
Koyo has a worldwide installed base of around 10.000 grinding machines and is the world market leader for centerless grinding machines. Most Koyo grinding machines work nowadays with grinding wheels made from the very hard and good thermal conductive cubic bor nitride cBN. Main applications are steel parts of any kind. For other parts made from hard materials Koyo can also offer very good solutions. For non-steel applications quite often diamant tools are used. High precision and reliability are the main features of the Koyo grinding machines.

Crystec Technology Trading GmbH,, +49 8671 882173

parts for centerless grinding machine

Centerless Grinding Machines


Model 6015C is compact to minimize floor space and has a ø610mm grinding wheel. It comes with CNC controller and up to 15 axes. It has a rotary traverse-type regulating wheel dresser and a cantilever-type grinding wheel spindle. Grinding wheel as well as regulating wheel are easily changed. With centerless grinders, a workpiece is supported by a work rest blade and set between a rotating grinding wheel and a rubber regulating wheel. The regulation wheel rotates the workpiece, while the grinding wheel does shaping. Koyo is the world leader in centerless grinding technology with such products.

Below are just some of our centerless models:

Machines with small grinding wheels ø150/305/455/610mm and width of 50-205mm

3015CS High-Precision Artisan perfection achieved through computerization. New symmetric bed structure, work rest location on the bed center and fixing the table feed screw to the work rest offer the utmost static and thermal rigidity. The direct driven grinding wheel spindle motor reduces vibration and energy costs.
4515C Economical Easy set-up and high precision.The lower slide comes equipped with CNC control as standard equipment. The rotary traverse type regulating wheel dresser is standard. The grinding wheel spindle is a cantilever type and the regulating wheel spindle can easily be changed.
4515CS Fixed Workrest High-speed efficiency with stationary workpiece center. The fixed workrest makes easy to load and unload work. The grinding and regulating wheel slides are movable.
4520C Tough Material Suitable for superabrasive wheels. For tough material grinding cBN and diamond grinding wheel of 200mm width can be used. Both the grinding wheel spindle and the regulating wheel spindle are a dual supported type which offers high rigidity. The bed is also highly rigid and adiabatic.
4520CH High-Speed Grinding wheel peripheral speed of 120m/s.
6015C Compact Small in size, but with a ø610mm grinding wheel. The 610mm grinding wheel saves space. The lower side comes equipped with CNC control as standard equipment. The regulating wheel dresser is rotary diamond traverse type. The grinding wheel spindle is a cantilever type.The regulating wheel spindle can easily be changed.
6020CAS Angular The angular type can achieve outer diameter and face grinding simultaneously. The slanted regulation wheel slide offers constant roundness. The fixed work position makes it possible to simplify the loader.

Machines with large grinding wheels ø610mm and width of 205-810mm

KC-200 Standard Easy maintenance with cartridge grinding wheel spindle
KC-300/400 Dual Support High-rigidity for heavy-duty grinding
KC-300A/400A Slant-Bed High-precision for large diameter workpieces
KC-500/600 Medium-Sized Wide selection for various workpieces
KC-500A/600A Medium-Sized Suitable for medium-sized workpieces
KC-700/800 Long Workpieces In-feed capability for workpieces up to 805mm long
KC-700A/800A Large Workpieces Suitable for long, heavy workpieces
KCL-50 Very Small Diameter Achieves sub-micron accuracy on very small workpieces

Crystec Technology Trading GmbH,, +49 8671 882173

parts for surface grinding machine

Surface Grinding Machines

KVD-300 Grinder

In Model KVD-300II is one of our most popular grinders. Its rigidity makes it great for grinding difficult materials. Surface grinders vary according to the workpiece positioning (feed system) and the number and direction of the axes on which the grinding wheels rotate. Koyo offers opposed, double disc surface grinding machines with either vertical spindles (KVD-type) or horizontal spindles (HD-type). Koyo can also offer single side grinding machines with one or two spindles (R-type). Koyo is using on a large percentage of its machines grinding wheels of cubic boron nitrid cBN or diamond wheels. For almost every surface grinding machine a special dressing and truing system is available as an option: electrical discharge truing E-dt.

Below are just some of our double disc models:

Vertical spindle type double disk grinding machines

KVD-300 Space Saver Direct feed to the conveyor line. Well suited for cBN wheel use and grinding of difficult materials.
KVD-301/302 Super Finish High-precision and compatibility with FMS.
KVD-450 Medium Sized Suitable for both superabrasive and conventional grinding wheels.
KVD-580 Large Workpiece High-rigidity design for large workpieces. Low vibration and high rigidity for heavy duty applications.

Horizontal spindle type double disk grinding machines

HD-3 cBN Wheels Compact design for superabrasive wheels. cBN and diamond wheel use.
HD-5 Medium Range Heavy-duty with superior durability for wide range applications.
HD-7/10 Large Workpieces Makes grinding large workpieces possible.

Single side grinding machines

R-421 Rotary Table Heavy-duty with mirror-like ground finishes that even surpass lapping.Mirror finish is achievable on small parts by providing full automation and vacuum chucking of the part with the elimination of excessive lapping.
R-431 Rotary Table Simultaneous grinding two pieces at a time with one grinding wheel.
R-631 Rotary Table Mirror finish, Lapping-like quality in grinding accuracies. Indexing table is capable of providing loading and unloading simultaneously while grinding.
R-632 Rotary Table Two grinding wheel heads are provided for rough and finish to achieve high accuracies and mirror finishes. Industries that are directed for R632 are information technologies, automobile and house hold electrical products.
RV-2 Rotary Table Full automation and high productivity can be achieved by RV2. Synchronized mechanism between the table and the loader.
PVT-2 Planetary For slanted surfaces, i.e. V-6 engine block.

Crystec Technology Trading GmbH,, +49 8671 882173

special grinding machine

Special-Purpose Grinding Machines

From internal, to multi-head, to wafer, rib, and groove grinders, Koyo has a grinding machine that can fit your specific application.

Below are just some of our special purpose models:

Race Way Grinding

3RG-450 Small Diameter High-productivity with cam-type, high-speed loader.
3RG-510/610 Medium to Large Diameter Suitable for multi-item, small lot production.
1M-350 Miniature High-speed with high-precision for miniature workpieces.
1M-350T Rib and O.D. Increases productivity by grinding rib and O.D. simultaneously.

Internal, cylindrical Grinding

KI-40 Small Diameter High-speed loader with fixed work head.
KI-80 Medium Diameter Suitable for high-quality bearings.

Internal groove grinding

SAM-084 Cylinder Grooves Primarily for cylinder grooves in rotary compressors.

Multi head grinding

MG-32AIP Quick and Easy Diagonal, bore and spline groove grinding of CVT pulleys.
MG-211S O.D. and Groove Chamfer grinding of rotary hydraulic servo valve shafts.
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