Rectifieuse échancrure intérieur pour des compresseurs rotatif.
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Crystec Survol d'Enterprise
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Rectifieuse échancrure intérieur pour des compresseurs rotatif.

A rotary vane compressor is a compressor, consisting of a cylinder with gas inlet and outlet slots or grooves in which an excentrically mounted piston is rotating. The rotor has a number of blades inserted in radial slots which seal separate areas and allows gas compression and transportation of the gas from inlet to outlet.


For grinding the groves in the cylinder with high accuracy, parallelism and flatness you can use a special grinding machine type Typ SAM-084 manufactured by Koyo Machine Industries.

SAM084     SAM084     Kompressorgehäuse

Loading and unloading of the work pieces is done automatically. Throughput is high. Please ask us for further details.

SAM084     SAM084

Koyo can also offer total grinding solutions. On the picture you can see first single side surface grinding and step grinding incl. outer diameter grinding on the opposite side, followed by inner diameter grinding and internal groove grinding.

integrated grinding machines

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