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Koyo Machine Industries Co., Ltd. is represented in Europe by
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Koyo Machine Industries Co., Ltd. Company Overview

Koyo Machine Industries Co., Ltd. is a large, globally focused company, headquartered in Yao, Osaka Pref., Japan and is represented in Europe by Crystec Technology Trading GmbH, Altötting, Germany for its grinding machines. The company is a subsidiary of the bearing, steering and machine manufacturer JTEKT, which arose in January 2006 by merge  of Koyo Seiko, Japan and Toyoda Machine Works.

Since it's establishment in 1961, Koyo Machine Industries Co., Ltd. has stood at the cutting edge of precision milling technologies with growing expertise in four areas - machine tools, FA systems, precision apparatus and joints. These remain Koyo's primary business lines today. The company serves as the heart of the JTekt Group, whose focus is international activity.

KMI building

Koyo Machine Industries Company History

Aug, 1961

Separated from Koyo Seiko Co., Ltd. and became an independent corporation.

Oct, 1961

Commenced operation with capital of 200 million yen.

Nov, 1962

Yao Plant completed.

Aug, 1963

Technical tie-up with Van Norman of the USA; commenced production of centerless grinding machines.

Dec, 1963

Technical Tie-up with Mattison Machine Works of the USA; commenced production of surface grinding machines.

Oct, 1967

Commenced production of universal joints.

May, 1969

Increased capital to 400 million yen

Oct, 1972

Technical tie-up with Forkardt KG of Germany; commenced production of index chucks.

Sept, 1974

Head office building completed.

Oct, 1980

Commenced production of precision ball screws at Yao plant.

Sept, 1982

Increased capital to 600 million yen.

Feb, 1983

Commenced production of spindle units.

Apr, 1988

Commenced production of automatic measuring equipment.

Feb, 1989

Increased capital to 1.1 billion yen.

Aug, 1991

Commenced operation at Yuzaki plant.

Dec, 1991

Established a corporation in Detroit, Michigan, USA.

Jun, 1993

Gojo plant completed.

May, 1994

Start a joint venture (Wuxi-Koyo Machine Industries Co., Ltd.) in Wuxi, China

Dec, 1999

Crystec becomes a European representative of Koyo Machine Industries for grinding machines

Jan, 2006

The mother company Koyo Seiko merges with Toyoda Machine Works and is renamed to JTEKT

Grinding Technology

How the grinding wheel works

The grinding wheel which is used by the grinder consists of a very fine grit which is held together with an adhesive. The grit is a material which is hard and has many sharp corners. As the finding wheel rotates against the workpiece, the hard, sharp corners grind the surface smooth.

Surface grinders

Surface grinders vary according to the number and direction of the axes on which the grinding wheels rotate and the workpiece positioning (the feed system). Koyo answers many grinding needs, offering opposed double disc surface grinder models with either vertical or horizontal spindles. Our line of vertical spindle type grinders also includes ultraprecise surface grinders, 2-head planetary models and a 2-head rotating table model.

surface grinding machine

Centerless grinders

With centerless grinders, a workpiece supported by a work rest blade is set between a rotating grinding wheel and a rubber regulating wheel that rotates the workpiece. Koyo remains a world leader in centerless grinder technology, with products such as our 15-axls CNC control system.

centerless grinding machine

Race way grinders

The race way grinder forms inductive orbital grooves, such as ball tapers, along the outer diameter of the inner bearing ring. This grinder is used widely in processing similarly shaped parts for automobiles and home appliances.

raceway grinding machine

Internal grinders

The internal grinder was developed for parts used with high-quality bearings, factors such as the method of supporting the workpiece can be selected according to the grinding specifications.

internal grinding machine

Perfect roundness and extremely flat surfaces through ultraprecise grinding

Efforts in the machine tool industry now play a vital role in bringing advancement and efficiency to the automotive, electronic, office automation and other industries. For example, in the surface-grinding of cylindrical objects, some industrial applications demand a level of surface smoothness that can be detected only with an electron microscope.

At Koyo, our machine tools division is working hard to reach even higher levels of precision while at the same time actively taking on the difficulties posed by automation and energy conservation. By developing advanced, ultraprecise grinders that facilitate fully automated operation - especially our centerless grinders and opposed double disc surface grinders - we have established our position as a world leader in our field.

Koyo continuously produces grinders using an integrated system that extends from initial development to actual production, including centerless grinders, surface grinders and a variety of specialty grinders to accommodate specific base materials and meet ultraprecise accuracy needs.

As a comprehensive grinder manufacturer, Koyo makes grinders for grinding and finishing all kinds of materials, including metals and new, high-tech base materials. We provide superior grinders for many different production sites and for applications ranging from automobiles to electronic products. Special versions are available for silicon wafer manufacturing and thinning. Koyo is also aggressively working to find new ways to automate the grinding process.

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