Shoe Type Centerless Grinding Machine
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Shoe Type Centerless Grinding Machine

Centreless (centerless) grinding is an OD (outer diameter) grinding process. Usually the work piece is supported by a blade and guided by a regulation wheel.

centreless (centerless) grinding principle

G: Grinding Wheel - R: Regulating Wheel - B: Blade - W: Work piece

In shoe type centerless grinding, two steel shoes replace the blade and the regulation wheel. The front shoe supports the work piece, while the rear shoe replaces the regulation wheel. Grinding geometry is similar to wheel type centerless grinding, but this setup allows grinding of special surfaces at one pass.

shoe type centreless (centerless) grinding principle

This principle is used for many applications like outer groove grinding of bearings, grinding of crank shafts, profile OD grinding, grinding of inner gears or grinding of hub unit shafts.

shoe type centreless applications

Koyo offers its model series RG for this application. Automation and integration is possible on customer request.

3RG shoe type centerless grinder     3RG shoe type centerless grinder     3RG shoe type centerless grinder

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