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Mask aligner pour l'industry semiconducteur

The most simple way to transfer a structure from a master to photo resist on a wafer, is to cover the photo resist by a mask and to illuminate the whole area. This lithographic process can be done by mask aligners. The transfer of all details happens with a ratio of 1:1. Je harder the mask is pressed onto the wafer, the higher is the possible resolution. Beside this contact printing procedure, it is also possible to keep the mask in close distance to the wafer, so that it does not has direct contact with the resist. If the light source emits parallel light, it is possible to reach with such a proximity printing procedure resolutions of little more than one µm.
Projection aligners use a lense system and project a picture of the required structure on the photo resist. They have been developed in order to avoid direct contact with the photo resist and reach same time a high resolution. With growing demands on the necessary resolution and in order to avoid distortion in the border areas, scanner and stepper had to be developed which illuminate the wafer in parts step by step. These method is effective but rather complicated and the prices for such equipment are therefore much higher, compared to the prices of mask aligners.
Today there is again an increased demand for cost effective mask aligners, which are used for the production of electro-mechanical parts, sensors and MEMS-Applications. Resolution requirements for these applications are lower compared to those for integrated circuits.
Modern mask aligner allow

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