Cassette, SMIF, FOUP stocker

FOUP stocker
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Cassette, SMIF, FOUP stocker

In semiconductor processing it is necessary to operate under very clean conditions. Therefore, production is done in a clean room. Silicon wafers are handled in special plastic cassettes. Still, people have to work in the clean room and although they have to wear special clean room clothes, they introduce particles in the clean room. In order to improve the cleanliness of the semiconductor production, a so called mini-environment has been introduced. This means that the wafers are no longer handled in open cassettes, but in closed, clean boxes which are only opened inside the processing equipment, e.g. a vertical furnace, a horizontal furnace, or an RTP tool. These are just a few examples.
open silicon wafer cassette
SMIF box
FOSB transport box
200mm open cassette
200mm SMIF box
300mm FOSB box
300mm FOUP box

For 200mm wafers, either open cassette or SMIF boxes have been used. SMIF stands for Standard Mechanical InterFace and those boxes include an open cassette which is unloaded through the bottom of the SMIF pod. For 300mm silicon wafers, the design of the mini environment boxes has been changed and so called FOUP boxes (Front Opening Unified Pod) are now state of the art. These boxes are opened from the front side and the equipment robot unloads the wafers directly from the FOUP. There are also more simple boxes available just for transport, so called FOSB (Front Opening Shipping Box).
All these cassette, SMIF, FOSB and FOUP boxes have to be kept very clean. Therefore, they are stored in corresponding stockers.
Foup Stocker
Daesung Engineering FOUP Stocker

FOUP Stocker are systems that store and manage FOUPs. To keep the air in the stocker clean, HEPA filters(High-Efficiency Particulate Air) are installed. Delivery of FOUPs can be achieved by an operator, an AGV (Automatic Guided Vehicle) or OHT (Overhead Hoist Transport)

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