Nettoyages des surfaces par lumière ultra-violet avec équipement de SEN Lights.

SEN Lights est représentée en Europe par
Crystec Technology Trading GmbH

Équipement pour le nettoyage et modification des surfaces

SEN Lights developed a wide range of tools and equipment for surface cleaning and photo surface processing, UV curing equipment, water purification equipment, photo oxidation equipment, sterilization equipment as well as lamps for photo chemical reactors. SEN Lights has a long experience in developing UV lamps and equipment for UV light applications. Various versions of UV processing equipment are available, from fully automatic conveyor machines to batch size production tools until manual lab equipment. Special versions have been developed for LCD manufacturing. Here we show you some examples:

Furnace Examples

Roller conveyor type photo surface processor

LCD Fertigung
Connecting terminal tab UV/Ozone cleaner

SSP Kettenzugprozessor
Stainless steel mesh conveyer type photo surface processor SSP

Vakuumprozessor PL1
Vacuum type photo surface processor PL1
Einzelprozessor für die 
      Oberflächenbehandlung PL5
Batch type photo surface processor PL5

Experimental unit for photo surface processing PL16