Sen Lights Corp. produit des lampes mercure et équipment pour le nettoyage des surfaces.

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Survol de l'Entreprise SEN Lights, Osaka, Japan

SEN Lights is a famous Japanese manufacturer of mercury lamps and UV cleaning and processing equipment. They developed a wide range of tools and equipment for photo surface processing, UV curing equipment, water purification equipment, photo oxidation equipment, sterilization equipment as well as lamps for photo chemical reactors.

SEN Lights has a long experience in developing equipment for UV light applications:

SEN Lights Building1965 On July 1st, SEN Lights Corporation established its first premises in front of Senriyama's Kansai University with the intention of developing and producing “gas laser equipment”

1966 Sen Lights developed prototypes for HeNe gas lasers, CO2 gas lasers, CN lasers and Ar lasers, but the market was still not ready for their full-scale commercialization.

1973 For the first time in Japan, Sen Lights succeeded in manufacturing rubidium lamps and resonance cells frequency standardization, which were previously only available from other countries. Sen Lights also developed the largest scale low pressure mercury lamp in Japan. From that time, Sen Lights also became deeply involved in the field of ultraviolet research.

1975 Sen Lights was awarded an Osaka prefectural subsidy for new technology and product development, and developed the ultraviolet-ozone co-generation tube.

1976 Sen Lights developed an ultraviolet and ozone water purifier (UZON R), which took them into the field of water purification.

1983 Sen Lights acquired the rights to use and develop “UV ozone drain water oxidation equipment” developed by the Kanagawa Technical Analysis Center, thus deepening its capabilities and commitment to water purification technology.

1984 Sen Lights received Osaka prefectural financing for high-technology and industrial promotion via Daiwa bank. R&D theme: “Development of ultraviolet light source systems for semiconductor manufacturing”. >From this time, Sen Lights began to explore the field of photo surface processing.

1985 Paid in capital was increased to ¥ 6,400,000.

1987 In conjunction with RAN Technical Service Co., Ltd., Sen Lights incorporated SEN Engineering, Co., Ltd., a photo surface processor marketing film. In the same year, SEN Lights Corporation set up its Tokyo office and was awarded a technical development subsidy from the Ministry of International Trade and Industry . R&D Theme “UV ozone removal of organic chlorine compounds in drain water”

1988 Sen Lights established its main factory in the head office compound.

1995 Paid-in capital was increased to ¥ 25,600,000 and Sen Lights issued  ¥ 48,000,000. worth of convertible bonds.

1997 On March 1st, Sen Lights opened its second equipment manufacturing plant just a short walk from the head office.

1998 Moved Osaka Sales Office from Head Office to the same location as the machinery plant. The plant adjacent to its head office is now specialized in the manufacture of lamps only.

1999 Established a water treatment maintenance center in front of the University of Tokyo. In December, obtained from Osaka Prefectural Government the certification of business under the Creative Business Activity Promotion Law.

2000 In October, newly constructed a clean room in its plant of machinery.

2001 In January, move of Tokyo Sales Office to new location in city center.

2002. CE certified equipment has been developped for the European market.

2003. A cooperation with Crystec Technology Trading GmbH has been established in order to penetrate the European market.

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