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Oxygen generator
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Oxygen generators for the production of oxygen (O2) from air

Oxygen is required for various industrial processes. Oxygen is mainly used for the production of pig iron, Steel or also used in copper refining and the partial oxidation of coal and heavy oil. O 2 is also used for oxidation in chemical systems such as the production of various acids (acetic acid, nitric acid, sulfuric acid), acetylene or ethylene oxide. Oxygen is also used as a starting material for the production of ozone. It can either be purchased directly in gas containers, or generated by a gas generator. The on-site purification of air to oxygen offers several advantages:


So-called Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) is used to remove nitrogen and therefore seperate oxygen (O2) from the air. This is based on a physical process that makes use of the different adsorption properties of different gases at differend pressure levels in order to separate them. Depending on the implementation, it is also possible to separate other gases such as carbon dioxide. Nitrogen-affine materials such as zeolith molecular sieves (ZMS) are used to remove nitrogen and generate high-purity oxygen. The gas mixture (air) flows at a certain pressure into the molecular sieve designed for this application. Due to the stronger interaction of nitrogen with the molecular sieve, it accumulates here. The second gas (oxygen) on the other hand is not adsorbed and thus leaves the generator enriched. After the molecular sieve has reached its capacity limit, the gas flow is diverted to another molecular sieve. The first molecular sieve can be regenerated through pressure reduction using the associated significantly weaker interaction between the molecular sieve and nitrogen. After this, it is available for purification, again. The system is controlled by a program logic control (PLC). This allows continuous purification to be achieved.

Oxygen PSA-Gas-Generator (SinceGas)
  • Stable gas generation using a semi-continuous process
  • Fully automatic system
  • Small footprint and easy operation: The system is operated from the front.
  • The cracker is characterized by its low power consumption and operating costs.
  • Implementation and design can be adapted within certain limits according to customer requirements
  • Depending on the design, purities of 91-95% can be realized
  • Depending on the design a gas flow of 5-1500 N m3/h can be realized
  • Full CE Certification

Stickstoffgenerator PSA

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