Program controller for temperatur and oven or furnace control

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Program controller for temperatur and oven or furnace control

Oven controller SE502  temperature controller SE504

A control loop measures process states and compares them to given setpoints. Based on this data a program calculates control values and transmits them to the system. This program can be operated in a storage-programmable logic controller, PLC. The process is controlled by control the actuators like drives or valves with the control values in a small number of cycles. The main benefit of PLC is that instead of assembly or modification relays they are replaced with software.

Often there are control variables like temperature, pressure, revolution speed or flow rate. The control value is measured with a sensor. In case of temperature control it is often realized by thermocouples (T/C). Gasflows are measured and controlled by mass flow controllers (MFC).

The compact Stange Elektronik controller consists of the following components: PID-controller, program controller, I/O-modules for analog and digital in- and output, connected by CAN-bus, user terminal with display and keyboard as well as RS-422 with ModBus-Protocol. The in- and outputs of the controller, the program controller and the I/O-modules can be programmed with an S5 compatible PLC and its instruction set. It is also possible to program without a PC-connection using an user terminal, display and keyboard.

The RS-422 with ModBus protocol offers the possibility to establish a connection to a process control system. There is also an OPC-server available.

Other advantages of Stange program controller are:

Surrogate actual value. In case of a defect sensor the controller switches automatically to a surrogate actual value. If the controller detects a defect thermocouple which should give the actual process value it will automatically switch to a redun-dant thermocouple or a fixed control value (e.g. 20% heating power).

Calculated setpoints. Some furnaces do not have as many set point sensors as actuators. The Stange controller is one of the controller which are able to calculate one or more control values for other actuators based on given setpoints.

Abort recipe. If it is necessary to perform a defined sequence of single steps after process abort this is not easy to realize with a regular sequential program. The Stange controller offers the possibility to load a new recipe (abort recipe) into the program controller and to restart it with this new recipe on a defined condition. This functionality e.g. allows to cool down a furnace in case of emergency in a pre-defined way.

Access protection. All Stange program controller dispose of a multilevel access protection. It can be switched with the PLC an therefore with specific conditions. If e.g. a process recipe is under execution it is possible to abort with a keypress but it is not possible to use this functionality during execution an abort recipe.

Language selection. The user defined language can be set in the menu of the Stange system controller.

Modem connection. It is possible to connect a modem directly to all Stange system controller.

Program Controller SE-502
  • Rack (LxHxW) 144x144x75mm
  • Keyboard (IP65)
  • LC-Display 160x128Pixel
  • RS422 (Jbus) adapter
  • CAN-adapter

Functionality SE-502

Program Controller

  • 8 setpoints
  • 25 programs
  • 32 digital tracks


  • 8 control zones
  • 8 parameter sets per zone
  • 1 tolerance band
  • 2 thresholds per zone

Actual value

  • 16 actual value inputs


  • 32 alarms
  • priority, delay and alarm message configurable


  • 8 formulas
  • 16 constants


  • 16 tolerance values
  • 16 thresholds


  • 1600 instructions
  • instruction set programmable
  • 64 timer, 512 marker

Special functions

kiln temperature controller SE-502

The Stange Elektronik program controller SE-502 (rack 144 x 144 x 75mm) offers the possibility to input 8 setpoints an 16 actual values (norm signals, thermocouples, PT100) with an plastic foil keyboard. The device includes 32 digital tracks and 25 programs as program controller and it can set 8 parameter sets, a tolerance band and two thresholds. The system is secured by 32 alarms. 8 formulas, 16 tolerances and thresholds are available. The included PLC is able to process 1600 instructions. This program controller also includes a C-level control and can show relative humidity.
All named functions above are supplemented in the way that there is no need for program knowledge. The language can be easily changed per menu, 5 operation levels are included and text and dimensions are configurable. Per RS 422 (J-Bus/ModBus) adapter the configuration can be saved on a PC. It is possible to connect a modem directly.
Single process steps are configurable while programming the 25 programs with up to 50 segments. Setpoint curves and control tracks are graphically displayed on the illuminated LC-display with 160x128 Pixel resolution. All programs can be named in plaintext. During operation it is a matter to display offset and alarms in plaintext with history function as well as 6 operator panels (display, operating, PLC?functions). Program jumps are allowed.

This controller will be used optionally in clean ovens and inert gas furnaces of Koyo Thermo Systems. Crystec is specialized in retrofitting this furnaces (also furnaces of other companies) especially used in semiconductor industry and medical technology.

Program Controller SE-504
  • Rack(LxHxW) 288x144x105 mm
  • graphic LC-Display 160x128 Pixel, illuminated
  • RS422 (JBus)-adapter, galvanically isolated
  • CAN-adapter

Functionality SE-502

Program Controller

  • 30 setpoints
  • 64 digital tracks
  • 50 programs


  • 20 control zones
  • 40 tolerance bands
  • 40 thresholds

Actual values

  • 48 actual value inputs


  • 200 alarms


  • 20 formulas
  • 40 constants

S5 compatible PLC with 20.000 instructions (CPU-928B instruction set)

oven temperature controller SE-504

Instead of the program controller SE-502 the SE-504 offers 30 actual values and 64 digital tracks. 20 control zones with 8 parameter sets, tolerances and 2 thresholds per zone increase the functionality of this controller enormous. Additionally the device is able to input 48 actual values (norm signals, thermocouples, PT100) and the included S5-compatible PLC can operate 20.000 instructions from CPU-928 instruction set. 40 formulas are available. The process is secured with 200 alarms (priority, delay and alarm message configurable). Another special function which is not available with SE-502 is nitriding coefficient. Its dimensions are very compact 288 x 144 x 105mm and it also includes an illuminated LC-display with a resolution of 160 x 128 pixel.
This Stange Elektronik program controller supports the process configuration saving either on PC and Memory-Card. For other configuration characteristic please refer back to SE-502.
The difference between SE-502 and SE-504 concerning programming is the larger number of 50 programs and 50 segments.
Under operations the number of operator panels enlarges from 6 to 8.
The Stange Elektronik program controller SE-504 offers a larger range of control possibilities and is a compact and easily configurable control device for complex processes.

It is optional used in conveyer furnaces from Koyo Thermo Systems. Crystec is specialized in retrofitting of this furnaces (also furnaces of other companies) especially used in semiconductor industry and medical technology.

Program Controller SE-510
  • High-End industry PC with integrated program controller on plug-in PCB-Card
  • Rack 19"/17HE, width 144mm
  • Plastic foil front cover (IP65), 15" TFT-display

Functionality SE-510

Program Controller

  • 30 setpoints
  • 63 digital tracks
  • 50 programs


  • 20 control zones
  • 8 parameter sets
  • 1 tolerance band and 2 thresholds per zone

Actual values

  • 48 actual values
  • 200 alarms
  • priority, delay and alarm message configurable


  • 20 formulas
  • tolerances / thresholds
  • 40 tolerances
  • 40 thresholds
  • S5-compatible PLC with 20.000 instructions (CPU-928B instruction set)

special functions: e.g. PC-level control, diffusion calculation and nitriding coefficient.

furnace temperature controller SE-510

This High-End industry PC with a 19"/17HE rack and a with of 144mm includes a plug-in PCB-card program controller. The PC consists of a Pentium-CPU, 2.5" HDD, a LS-120 drive and an Ethernet adapter. For inputs there is an external keyboard and mouse and for outputs a 15"-TFT display (1024x768). The program controller SE-510 provides 30 actual values, 64 digital tracks and 50 programs for program control. The controller consists of 20 control zones, eight parameter sets, a tolerance band an two thresholds per zone. Like the SE-504 it offers 48 actual value inputs (norm signals, thermocouples, PT100) and 200 configurable (priority, delay and alarm message) alarms. There are 20 formulas, 40 tolerances and thresholds available as well as a S5-compatible PLC with 20.000 instructions like the SE-504. The instruction set is based on CPU-928B instruction set. Another new special function, which is not available at former described devices, is the diffusion calculation.

Especially for this controller the process control system ECS-2000 from Stange Elektronik is already included.

This controller can be used in semiconductor industry horizontal furnaces or diffusion fur-naces. Crystec is specialized in retrofitting this furnaces but without automatic loading.

Program Controller SE-605/SE-607
  • AMD based 32bit processor, 486class ELAN SC400
  • 66MHz, option: Pentium 166MHz
  • 10,4" TFT Display up to 256 colours, resolution: 640x480 pixel
  • Battery backed SRAM 32 Kbytes
  • Memory 16 MB DRAM, compact flash 16MB
  • Floppy drive for recipe and data saving
  • Power supply: 24VDC
  • Protection class (front): IP65
  • Absolutely scratch resistant infrared-touch-operation
  • PC/104 bus additional component (e.g. Profibus with master/slave adapter)
  • Ethernet adapter for networking
  • CAN-adapter for connection to CAN peripherals
  • CompactFlash mass storage
  • Operating system VxWorks with extremely high operational reliability
  • Arbitrary user interface with visualisation software
  • Multitasking IEC 61131 PLC
  • Programming system: CoDeSys - IEC 61131-3 under Windows

furnace process controller SE-607

Both program controller SE-605 and SE-607 represent the latest development status from Stange Elektronik. The controller core is an AMD-based 32-bit processor. Comfortable pro-gramming with syntax colour coding, multilevel undo/redo, context sensitive input assistance, all editors context menu, 32 Bit Windows look and feel zoom in graphic editors is possible. The controller can be used as OPC-server and it is possible to import programs from S5 or S7 PLCs. It is network-compatible and able to interchange information with other control devices. There are predefined function blocks for controller, program controller, diffusion calculations, nitriding coefficient, fuzzy-optimisation, PLC-maintenance per modem and serial and Ethernet adapters.

ECS-2000 Process Control System

A common PC can be connected with Stange process control system software ECS-3200 to Stange controller SE-502, SE-504 and SE-510 used in separate furnaces. It is possible to handle up to 16 systems under Windows NT/2000/XP in a system network with integrated modules for configuration, programming and management, online-service with visualisation and logger functionalities, batch data evaluation, and management as well as operating figures and process visualisation.

software for oven or kiln data storageECS Recipe Management
An unlimited number of programs, named recipes, can be managed for every system. Like the Windows-Explorer all programs can be sorted in order of the first three program header fields. The program header contents program number, program name, creation date and date of the last modification. For every program 20 information fields can be free configured. There is also a text field available. The recipe input takes place in a clearly arranged table where every raw represents a segment displayed in order of process step, segment time, setpoints and control tracks. There is a user defined number of channels to display setpoint - and control track graphics in real-time. The segments will be shown graphically. The ECS-2000 is a net-work-compatible device.

software for furnace date storageECS System Operating
User defined dynamic visualisation can be generated in form of data or animations using the included graph-designer. The user interfaces, e.g. hand level, can be free designed. Program control data is displayed with control functions in a table and setpoint curves synchronous to actual values. This brings an advantage in case of failure analysis because it is easy to compare data curves. Every controller has its own window that displays all parameters in a table, like control zones with description, setpoint, actual value, control value and deviation. All parameters of the data logger (e.g. channels, colours, markers, etc.) with a free selectable number of channels can be configured and saved as a configuration. It is possible to select detailed data information and to position the zoom with a mouse. Available alarms are dis-played with time and status information. Another 256 characters are reserved for additional text. There is also an alarm history, which includes alarm messages, time and status. It is no problem to include the InTouch process visualisation system into an ActiveX-module. A screenshot of the connected Stange device (SE-4xx, SE-5xx) can be displayed at a screen in 1:1 scale. From this side, the device can be remote controlled at all. On a free configurable event a popup window considering the event will be automatically generated.

software for furnace data storageECS Analsysis
It possible to manage an unlimited number of batches for every system. A batch sorting is possible by using the first three fields of the batch header (structure like Windows-Explorer). If data logging interrupts, ECS will compile two batches. The first one contents the data be-fore the interrupt and the second one after data log restart. ECS provides a function to merge both batches. The batch header consists of number, operator, label, creation date and data of last modification. Every batch has 20 free configurable fields for additional information (e.g. job number) and a free text field. Logged analog and digital data (max. 200) are displayed graphically. The log data will be saved in a table with a time stamp. There are two recording rates (fast/slow) available. This batch includes a list of system alerts with timestamp, text and status. It is also possible to analyse all recorded channels with graphics and configurable parameters (channels, colours, labels, etc.). An unlimited number of configurations can be saved. For comparison another batch can be loaded at the same time. For analysing 10 batches per channel can be loaded at same time and compared to each other (zoom, reticule).

software for kiln andand oven recipe managementECS Designer
Background images can be created with every bitmap tool (e.g. Paintbrush) and will be saved in BMP-format. It is possible to change the background image with the editor but without interacting the animations. Program control data (setpoints, actual values, formula values, etc.) can be displayed with drag-and-drop. It is no problem to input data values in the picture. Three bitmaps (e.g. ON, OFF, ALARM) can be free connected to every digital value by drag-and-drop from a folder. Digital states can be displayed into the picture. This is also possible with free text. With a 3D key another system picture can be displayed; the number of pictures in not limited. The partial graphics functionality offers the possibility to position zoomable bitmaps.

ECS2000 software for oven  kiln furnace controlECS System Configuration
The configuration management is obtained to the single system (tree structure like Windows-Explorer). Up to 16 systems can be managed. The configuration groups are displayed in a clearly arranged table. It is possible to do changes in the table directly. The complete configuration of a system can be saved and reloaded on a single keypress. External data import into the batch protocol is supported. The batch protocol can be initialized on batch start with external data sources per adapter DDE, OPC or file.

Stange controller in new systems and retrofitting of in-stalled systems

Equip new systems with Stange-control systems

On demand for some furnaces from Koyo Thermo Systems it is possible to inte-grate a Stange controller instead of a standard controller to use the benefits of Stange controller. The program controller model varies with the system complexity. Using local peripherals the system can be enlarged on demand with additional modules per digital and analog outputs and also belatedly connected to an ECS-2000.

Reequipment of furnaces

If your actual furnace control does not match your requirements Crystec offers you to retrofit your furnace with a Stange controller to use all its benefits. Because their compact dimensions Stange controller can be integrated space saving and very easy into your existing system while they support process visualisation and storing values and data with a PC adapter.

Stange Elektronik and Crystec are looking forward to install your new furnace sys-tem or to retrofit your existing furnace system that matches your strong requirements.

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Controller Area Network-bus conduces to an adapter between input signals of sensors and its receiver. The communication is based on 'messages', which are pro-vided to the bus from an emitter. A CAN component organizes message composing and its transmission. Instead of address a receiver every receiver identifies messages with a message-number (identifier) and separates them if it is the recipient.


Computer Numerical Control. Common control for machine tools. It is a basic task of every numerical control to perform and observe a positioning. "Numeric Control" in general means that an input of numbers into the control leads to a sequence of process steps. All required data for numerical controlled production facilities is given by an information carrier in an encoded way. CNC are often used for separate work pieces, small / medium series and repeating orders. Our partner Koyo Machine Industries provides its grinder machines with CN-control.


Mass Flow Controller. High precision gas controller, which consists of a bypass gas flow rate sensor (sensor) and a high precision gas flow valve (actuator).


ModBus is a simple transfer protocol for remote devices. Messages are typically transmitted on a serial connection.


OLE for Process Control. Technology that offers possibility to integrate process hardware data into Windows-based applications. The integration occurs similarly like OLE-Linking (Object Linking and Embedding) which allows to transfer data from one MS-application into another. The PLC collects, processes and provides data to the end user.


Electronic controller, which measures an actual value, compares it with a setpoint and reacts with a calculated control value. How and how fast the controller reacts on a disturbance can be configured with PID controller values. P means proportional, I integral and D differential. The proportional factor is a fast proportionally reaction, an integral factor reacts on slow control deviations and a differential factor reacts on fast disturbances. For different applications all three factors must be configured optimal.


Programmable Logic Controller. This controller type consists of a bit- or word based processor with RAM-, ROM- and PROM memory. It is possible to program in a higher level language like connection diagram, continuous function charts or boolean algebra. Timing functions, markers, timers and time switches are realized with software. Beside logical functions also arithmetic- and transfer operations as well as controller functions and text modules are available. In a first stage of expansion a PLC is only able to support basic logical functions (AND, OR, SET). Every link is memory saved in fixed order and will be called stepwise in a loop. The PLC repeats its program continuously. Program memory and CPU are the core of a PLC. Its capacity depends on the number of in- and outputs.


A Thermocouple is a sensor to measure temperature. If two different metals come together electrons will move from the metal with lower work function into the metal with higher level of work function. That is why the first will become positive charge measured to the other. This voltage is named Seebeck voltage. It depends of temperature. Because of different thermal voltages in case of a temperature differ-ence between contact point and measurement point a voltage that represents temperature at contact point can be measured between the two wires. Materials for commercially available thermocouples are listed here:

     Type      Materials
  • J       Iron & Copper-Nickel (Constantan)
  • K      Nickel-Chromium & Nickel-Aluminum
  • T      Copper & Copper-Nickel (Constantan)
  • E      Nickel-Chromium & Copper-Nickel (Constantan)
  • R      Platinum-13% Rhodium & Platinum
  • S      Platinum-10% Rhodium & Platinum
  • B      Platinum-30% Rhodium & Platinum-6% Rhodium
  • N     Nickel-Chromium-Silicon & Nickel-Silicon-Magnesium

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