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STANGE Elektronik GmbH

Stange BuildingStange Elektronik GmbH was founded as a sales company in 1976. Since 1980 the company develops and manufactures program controller. Over the years Stange Elektronik has enlarged its product range. Today the company is able to supply complete process controls. In 1990 the Windows software development started which led to the actual product ECS2000.
Another main pillar is retrofitting of systems and furnaces as well as services around furnace controls. In case of furnace retrofitting Crystec works closely with Stange Elektronik.
Furthermore, Stange can offer various gas sensors for measuring oxygen and hydrogen, which can be used together with the temperature controllers.
The company is present in industry sectors like semiconductor industry, metallurgy, ceramics industry, food industry and air-conditioning technology - in general all field where temperature and system control is required. Stange Elektronik manufactures at two locations: headquarters Gummersbach as well as Apfelstädt near Erfurt.

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