Furnaces for heat treatment of fasteners and automobile parts

Equipment for Steel Treatment
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Furnaces for heat treatment of fasteners and automobile parts

Fasteners can be found in almost every industrial sector, for building construction, equipment manufacturing or automotive applications, where fasteners are an important assembly part. Screw and screw nut are the classic fasteners which have to last to high mechanical stress without getting damaged or any other defects. Gears must stand also high mechanical stresses. Modern gearboxes have to overcome this type of issues without any problem. In order to have high quality parts you also need high quality equipments. For manufacturing these elements, the product must go through several processes as the hardening process, the quenching and annealing process. We offer modern equipments and complete production lines from Asian manufacturers but also custom made equipments at competitive prices.


Specifications of the line:

Washing machine

Hardening furnace

Quenching tank

Continuous hot blast tempering furnace

Double layer dyeing tank

Capacity of the main furnace:

Capacity of the quenching tank:

Capacity of the continuous hot blast tempering furnace:

Capacity of the dyeing tank:

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Crucible type annealing furnaces

We offer also endothermic gas generators, different types of feeding systems, ammonia cracking units, belt type furnaces, crucible type furnaces, car type furnaces, O2 measuring systems, gas analyzing systems and many other equipments.

Crucible type annealing furnaces

Crucible type annealing furnaces



Specifications of the bell type furnace:



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