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Microwave Plasma Asher for Photoresist Stripping

During manufacturing of integrated circuits ICs it is necessary to perform many deposition and etching steps in order to build the necessary structures. For the definition of the structure, first photo resist is applied to the wafer, then the resist is hardened and illuminated using a photo mask. After development of the resist follows the dedicated process step, deposition or etch. At the end off the process sequence the photo resist has be removed completely (cleaning of the wafer).

plasma asher

Nowadays this is done usually in a dry way, using plasma in a special plasma etcher or dry etcher. For removal or stripping or ashing of the resist a SNTEK plasma etcher with ECR microwave generator is used. In special cases, also inductively coupled plasma (ICP) can be used. For the descumming of photo resist, oxygen is well suited as a reaction gas, because oxygen reacts easily with polymers and organics under formation of CO2 and water (ashing). An oxygen plasma is generated in which oxygen radicals and O2 ions exist. In order to avoid damage to the IC, the content of radicals should be high (chemical, isotropic dry etching) and the share of ions should be as low as possible (physical, anisotropic etching), because the ions are accelerated towards the wafer by the electrical field in the reactor and cause more damage therefore. The samples can be heated by the chuck in order to ease the stripping of the photoresist. Plasma etcher for descumming of photoresist are also called plasma asher or photoresist asher or plasma stripper or photoresist stripper.

SNTEK Resist Ashing System

SNTEK RIE Plasma Asher

Plasma Ashing System RIE Resist Asher
Equipment for removal of photo resist of LED Chips
Loading Capacity : 2" wafer 32ea
Plasma Source : Planar CCP Type
Source Power : RF 1kW, 13.56MHz
Substrate Temp. : 400C
incl. gas scrubber
Substrate Size : ~ 200mm x 200mm
Etching Direction : downward
Process Gas : Ar, O2, CF4, SF6
Etching Uniformity : 5%
LoadLock system
Full automation control

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