E-Beam evaporator for the deposition of metals or TCOs on semiconductor or glass substrates.

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E-Beam Evaporation

E-Beam evaporators are used for the deposition of metal layers or transparent, conductive oxide-layers TCO, on semiconductor and glass substrates. This process is a PVT methode (physical vapour deposition), because deposition is caused solely by physical processes, in contrary to CVT processes (chemical vapour deposition) to which belong PECVD (plasma enhanced chemical vapour deposition) and LPCVD (low pressure chemical vapour deposition).
The material that should be deposited on the substrate is introduced as a target in a vacuum chamber. In contrary to sputtering, where the evaporation of the target material is achieved by ion bombardement from a plasma, evaporation is here cause by an e-beam, directed to the target. The electron source can be positioned beside or below the target in order to save space. The electron beam is redirected by magnetic force. The substrates for deposition are positioned above the target in the vacuum chamber.

e-beam evaporator

E-beam evaporator

SNTEK manufactures various versions of e-beam evaporators for research and development and also for mass production. For the production of LEDs it is necessary to coat many small III/V semiconductor wafers with indium tin oxide ITO. The dedicated mass production e-beam evaporator uses a planetary type substrate carrier consisting of 4 bowl type carriers, rotating during the process. It has a capacity of 4 x 27 = 108 2"-wafers. The electron source has a revolver target carrier, which allows the automatic change of up to 6 targets.

E-Beam Evaporator (Metal or ITO) E-Beam Evaporator System for 8" Si-Wafer
E-Beam Evaporator (Metal or ITO) E-Beam Evaporator System
Dome Type : Lift off Type, Planetary Type
Loading Capacity : ITO 2"wafer 108ea
Loading Capacity : Metal 2"wafer 76ea
Evaporator Source : E-Beam (4 ~ 6 pockets 40cc)
ITO Heating Temp. : 300C on wafer
1 Batch Run Time : 40min (Mo 3000 A)
Substrate Size : ~ 8inch
Etching Direction :Upwards
E-Beam source : ~ 15kW
Film Thickness Uniformity : 4%
Heating Uniformity : 3%
Full Automation control

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