PECVD system for graphen deposition, which can be combined with plasma pre-cleaning and metal sputter.

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Graphene consists of a single layer or very few layers of graphite and has therefore a twodimensional structure. Graphene consists of carbon atoms, which are positioned in one plane in a honey comb structure. Graphite consists of many stacks of graphen layers. These graphene layers conduct electrical current, same as graphite and can therefore be used for the setup of electrial circuits and transistors. 2D-graphene layers have some special electrical properties. Valence and conductance band do not overlap but also have no band gap either and carrier mobility is very high. If these graphene layers are not orientated in a plane buy rolled up to tubes, then this is called carbo nano tubes CNT. Also bowl type structures are existing, called fullerenes. They can be used for formation of quantum dot structures. Graphene allows the minimization of integerated circuits (ICs) as well as contruction of biocompatible devices for in vivo applications.


Plasma-Equipment for the preparation of graphene layers

The deposition of graphene can be done in special plasma systems (PECVD). As a carbon source, gaseous hydrocarbons, mainly methane CH4 are used. PECVD graphene deposition can be combined with cleaning and sputter systems. Single tools as well as cluster tools are available for this application, which can do several processes in one system: LoadLock > Transfer > Pre Cleaning (O2, Ar) > Surface cleaning > Sputter (Ni, Cu) > ICP-CVD (Graphene)

ICP-CVD for Graphene Graphene Cluster
Graphene Layer ICP-CVD
and Metal Layer Sputter System
Load Lock Pre Treatment Chamber
Substrate Heating : Max. 700C
Graphene Vacuum Cluster
Load Lock : Glass Loading / Unloading chamber
Pre Cleaning : Plasma Cleaning Process Chamber
Sputter : Metal Layer Process Chamber(Ni,Cu)
ICP-CVD : Graphene CVD Process Chamber
ICP-CVD equipment for Graphene
Plasma equipment of SNTEK

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